Summary of companies who manufacture geophysical instruments.

The following manufacturers and suppliers are reliable sources and provide ongoing sales and support.

Geomtrics Inc.

Geometrics celebrating fifty years 1969 to 2019. Manufacturer of the Geode seismograph and OhmMapper towed resistivity array.

Geometrics celebrating fifty years 1969 to 2019. Manufacturer of the Geode seismograph and OhmMapper towed resistivity array.

Geometrics Inc., a subsidiary of OYO Corporation, builds rugged and dependable geophysical equipment to meet the requirements of the modern market. For 50 years, we’ve developed and manufactured magnetometers, seismic and EM instruments for a variety of land, sea and air investigations. Our customers trust us to save them time and money. Our reputation for reliability sets us apart.

From our land-based geophysical systems to our new UAV mounted MFAM MagArrow magnetometer, we manufacture equipment to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Our corporate philosophy is based on our belief in providing excellent customer service, keeping current of industry trends and building reliable and rugged instruments. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation so you can too. Ask us how we can help you simplify your search.



A Canadian-owned company, located in Mississauga , Ontario, Canada, Geonics Limited is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of electromagnetic geophysical instrumentation.

From a commitment to specialize in electromagnetic (EM) methods, Geonics has been able to develop a broad range of unique EM instrumentation for an increasingly diverse range of applications. With the introduction of the EM31 Ground Conductivity Meter in 1976, Geonics began to service industries, such as engineering and the environment, with a particular interest in near-surface characterization. Subsequent development of the EM34-3 and EM38 Ground Conductivity Meters – for relatively deeper and shallower exploration, respectively – expanded the range of application fields to include ground water exploration, agriculture and archaeology.

manufactures the EM38, EM31, EM31 Short, EM34, and EM39

Geonics Limited manufactures the EM38, EM31, EM31 Short, EM34, and EM39.

Using more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) systems, Geonics introduced, in 1987, the versatile, digital PROTEM TDEM systems. With a single receiver and three interchangeable transmitters, the modular PROTEM systems cover a full range of applications from shallow environmental and groundwater studies, to deep resistivity soundings and three-component mineral exploration.

From this tradition of research and engineering excellence, Geonics continues to move forward with the development of new, more advanced instrumentation: the recently introduced second generation of the successful EM61 Metal Detector has been recognized by the North American military community as a standard sensor technology for the detection of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Used extensively throughout the world, in many varied and demanding survey environments, Geonics instrumentation has earned the tested reputation for reliable, cost-effective operation.


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